Petr23g4 helped refine the deck after I'd already put out a basis and the original deck plan was created by myself and TNTMage7. Submissions should be relatively known to the online cEDH community - don't just submit a random list directly to the meme table. A stormish deck which focuses on using Thrasios as both a noninfinite and infinite sink. 4CBB is suited for metas where you see mirror games alot. Here at The Commander's Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Well here is your chance. Kroxa adds a unique flavor to the world of Rakdos cEDH in that he is both an outlet in the command zone and does not require activated abilities to win. This is an adaptive combo-control list that aims to create a "100 card Doomsday pile" through activating Proteus Staff. Your commander is irrelevant - the linked version uses Karador, but many versions add … Mana Cost: Converted Mana Cost: 2. A hatebears/stax deck with a reanimator subtheme which builds heavy into Tymna. A wide range of tutorable win-cons and Jhoira's innate card draw ability make digging easy in this deck. Often Sigil Hulk can grind out value better than anyone else at the table and play a win condition that avoids the stax pieces on the battlefield the most successfully. A Control deck that seeks to control the game with early game card advantage and disruption until the late game, where it seeks to win when we can safely land a win condition. With nearly 30 creatures, over half of which are Elves, Marwyn aims to assemble a storm-like win using pump spells and a critical mass of Elves with win conditions seen in most typical mono green cEDH decks. The main goal of the deck is to control the board long enough to deploy our commander with reasonable protection with plenty of interaction in the forms of counters. Commander Legends pre-release video with all new Commanders! The goal is to assemble Flash+Hulk for Nooze combos. This is my first homebrew cEDH deck and their input was greatly appreciated. Eventually the deck seeks to establish infinite mana with combos like IsoRev and use Kinnan to find outlets such as Thrasios to draw most of our deck and begin twister looping. It is illustrated by Raymond Swanland and is property of Wizards of the Coast LLC. For the third, we turn to a card from back in Alara block: Fatestitcher. Competitive multiplayer Commander, especially in a tournament format for prizes, is a mistake. Competitive multiplayer Commander, especially in a tournament format for prizes, is a mistake. The card is a bit underwhelming in a deck with any basics in it, I don't think it really does enough until you just instantly win off it. This is functional due to the ruling that The Chain Veil’s ability applies to future instances of planeswalkers, so if you activate it three times with the first Teferi, th… CEDH is a fast format. Enduring Renewal gravestorm which is built as an answer to creature-heavy metas. The deck plays best in creature-light metas where dorks can easily swing in to best utilize Tymna's card draw effect throughout the game to grind and threaten multiple wins. Dissolve your illusions and see the true nature of things. This is a fast combo deck that seeks to layer Food Chain, and Consultation strategies. Running duel combos of Roon + Eternal Witness + Time Warp and Nexus Loops funneled through Enter The Infinite, Roon is a hard hitting, resilient deck well suited for controlling players who enjoy the bant colors. last edited by . They often utilize mill combos like Cephalid Breakfast, Hermit Druid, or Sacred Guide to set up a nice Dread Return to win. Anje is a proactive deck that utilizes a high number of madness cards so that it can filter through its deck to assemble the WGD + Animate Dead combo and utilize Anje to draw its deck. As a slower deck, there can be struggle against turbo strategies but excels if you can reel them in to Nath's pace. This site is unaffiliated. The deck focus around finding Buried Alive and any reanimation spell to create a loop that reanimates Gray Merchant of Asphodel and kills your opponents by abusing not Protean Hulk, but Rot Hulk and its ability to reanimate multiple Zombies. Put that card into your hand and all other cards revealed this way into your graveyard. The decks primary goal is to make a lot of fast mana and utilize it to make explosive plays. It has game against the faster decks in the format thanks to powerful hate pieces like Rest In Peace, Cursed Totem, and Suppression Field. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Put a couple cheap-from-the-graveyard creatures into play. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Divergent Kykar looks to utilize Divergent Transformations and the similar Synthetic Destiny to use Kykar's token generation as a compact and mana efficient win condition, turning them into the Niv-Mizzet, Parun + Tandem Lookout combo to win the game. A proactive strategy with a light stax package, this deck aims to win through assembling the Squirrel Craft combo, and either swinging or using Goblin Bombardment. An all-in fast combo list which chains Arcum's ability using Paradox/Flute. A combo control deck which controls and stalls until a High Tide or Isorev combo win. A proactive, midrange, creature-based deck, the deck incorporates the classic Meta Pod combo lines with Conspicuous Snoop and Protean Hulk lines to attempt a win at any and every phase of the game. A Grixis Ad Naus/Doomsday storm list which uses Jeleva as a card advantage engine. However, he's a great backup plan because he can pull basically all of the combo pieces needed out of the graveyard if certain stuff gets shut down. Hermit Druid is so powerful as to be worth devoting an entire deck to finding, protecting, and activating him. Put your entire library into your graveyard. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. Hermit Druid. It is FREE TO ENTER! Quick Disclaimer: This line is VERY volatile. Marwyn Elfball is a proactive deck that plays very similarly to Selvala Brostorm. Does poorly against multiple fast, low-interaction, decks. Used to be intended for competitive and followed the minimum power guidelines in "About the DDB". The deck uses the fact that the goal of cEDH is to win, not to not lose. Something like an Aven Mindcensor or a Linvala, Keeper of Silence can shut opponents out of the game very quickly and easily. An extremely fast combo list which layers Flash Hulk with Razaketh + Breakfast + Druid. Use your cheap creatures to flashback Dread Return, bringing back Angel of Glory's Rise. BUG Scepter storm decks tend to rely on the card quality of the BUG color combination to leverage the IsoRev combo, along with an infinite mana outlet in the command zone. Well here is your chance. From there, we can immediately put Narcomoeba directly into play. Budget friendly land base compared to 4 color Tymna builds and easier to pilot. A storm deck which can aggressively push for wins using its commander in conjunction with typical storm lines. Feeds | The deck is very resilient to creature removal and packs a punch as you constantly threaten life totals with your slowly growing creatures. Winota cheats creatures into play at an alarming rate and the deck can overwhelm the board quite easily. Yuriko is able to run Oracle/Consult and Doomsday lines as primary win conditions. Yuriko herself helps the deck grind when needed and her cheap creatures help enable various turbo naus cards such as Culling the Weak. A draw-go control list which uses Rashmi to generate card advantage for counterspells. This is a reactive combo deck that seeks to pursue its combo lines while keeping a handle on what the table is doing. last edited by . This deck is very disruptive, and certainly struggles in very quick metas. With this gradual card advantage it can assemble various A+B combos like Jace & Tainted Pact. A control deck which uses the CST shell with a package of card advantage engines such as Compost and Runic Armasaur to trade speed for a better grind game. Typical wincons include Oracle Consult and Dockside Mayhem loops with Kenrith. Adnaus/Earthcraft Ghave combo aims to slow the game down through cheap stax/hate pieces long enough to assemble an infinite combo with Ghave. After this, the plan is activating the flashback ability of Dread Return, sacrificing the druid and 2 mana dorks you're likely to have out. The main line in this deck creates an infinite stack, which, if unable to resolve will make the game end in a draw. Markov's ability enables fast lines of play through Razaketh, Ad Nauseam and/or Skullclamp, as well as employing various interactive spells to both disrupt other gameplans and progress the decks. Jeleva as a general provides a way to expend this surplus of mana the deck so easily generates, either when we keep hands with little action or when we get stopped and need to dig for “gas”. Most agree that i… As an added bonus it’ll add some blue devotion for the effect. This deck is definitely the best deck in the format and I have never lost with it and will never lose with it. A Protean Hulk/Reanimator deck which uses Mimeoplasm as a backup reanimator. We understand everyone's budget is different, but we have found from experience that decks below a total budget of $500 (Pricing from will not truly achieve a "cEDH" deck in most cases. Pako and Haldan are a Partner pair that together create a huge amount of card advantage right out of the Command Zone. The Poly versions look to win with Polymorph / Proteus Staff getting Tidespout Tyrant to generate infinite mana. The deck will not race Sushi Hulk, but you can take early wins off of worldgorger dragon combos if the opportunity presents itself. This is an aggressive storm deck focused on Ad Nauseam and Underworld Breach. We are a pure control deck aiming to get to the mid to late game and grind our oppoents before going for a well backed combo finish. A combo deck that uses its commander in conjunction with other effects to assemble storm-like wins. It established control and disruption through wheels effect like timetwister, windfall, echo of eons and whispering madness. Like most fast combo decks, we are seeking to win as fast as possible, forgoing some of the value mid-range cards for aggressive tutors. This requires not playing anything with a cmc of 3 or less, but this deck rises to the challenge, and can win as early as turn 3. A stax deck which focuses on reanimating expensive and oppressive artifacts. If Hermit Druid is exiled, you can tutor for Pull from Eternity to put him into your graveyard and then use Shallow Grave or Postmortem Lunge to combo without hardly missing a beat. Dread Return should target Reveillark. A slower Flash Hulk combo list which runs multiple backup plans and hatebears. The rest of the deck is stax, midrange value and tutors. A doomsday paradox storm list which can take on a control role by reusing counterspells. Snoop Tharr is unique among cEDH decks for adopting the 1-card combo of Goblin Recruiter into a Conspicuous Snoop pile. In addition, we run Dockside Sabertooth as another Hulk pile that gives us infinite mana and with Golos, cast our entire deck. Primarily wins using Monolith and Dockside combos. You do this by milling your deck with Hermit druid with Siona on the field, than you flashback Sevinne's reclamation targeting shielded by faith and concordant crossroads. November 13, 2020 by Community Spotlight . Win conditions vary, including Consult Oracle, Breach, Akiri. Prove the point that cutthroat Commander is a bad idea, and gain some packs for your trouble. If that fails, tutor Hermit Druid and activate to put the druid line into the graveyard. That gives us our second creature for Dread Return. This deck aims to drop value engines and disrupt faster decks until enough card advantage can be accrued to force through a win attempt. A mono-red ramp list which assembles an infinite combo off of only its commander. ... (The Hermit Druid) list for Obeka infinite turns A storm deck which uses Jace to filter cards and recur on High Tide turns. A fast reanimator deck which centers around Necrotic Ooze, Razaketh, and Jin-Gitaxias. Here at The Commander's Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. An adaptive, efficient, and consistent green list which can combo midgame or grind late. Its main win condition is a Protean Hulk pile, with a backup Earthcraft/Squirrel Nest win condition, and Razaketh lines that lead to both. The flickers this deck uses bring Toothy back to the battlefield immediately meaning he will see all the cards you draw from him leaving the battlefield netting you huge amounts of cards at little cost. These decks are categorized as "Competitive", meaning they meet the following requirements. A fast and cheap combo deck with high variance, fat creatures, and big mana. When it is unable to win quickly, it can utilize the powerful card advantage engine Kraum provides while keeping Ad Nauseam relevant and lethal even in the later stages of the game through Ikra Shidiqi's lifegain. This deck seeks to consistently power out early wins by leveraging its commander Tymna, dorks and rituals to win with multiple one card win-conditions: Either cracking a Doomsday or Goblin Recruiter pile with her card draw or using her as Birthing Pod fodder to convert into a Kiki-Jiki and Felidar Guardian win. While effective against many stax effects because of Momir’s toolboxing abilities, the deck will struggle if its ramp plan is disrupted or Momir is undefended. We also use Demonic Consultation and Tainted Pact along with Jace and the new Thassa’s Oracle to get around Torpor Orb and Cursed Totem effects in order to win. The primary win condition of the deck is Aetherflux Reservoir, found via Doomsday piles. I’m talking about a pod of four people who are playing cards like Ad Nauseam, Hermit Druid, Protean Hulk, Food Chain, and Doomsday, and they’re not using them “for value” but as part of their win conditions. A split reanimator/Doomsday list centered around Bomberman, WGD, and Doomsday. You can work with your DM to determine the exact nature of your seclusion, or you can choose to roll on the table below to determine the reason behind your seclusion. Deck perks include an average cmc of 4.69, suprise Gonti into somebody else's Thassa's Oracle, and our guest star, Uncle Istvan. Oracle Hulk is a Flash Hulk deck that combines the historic speed and efficiency of Flash as a win condition, with the card quality and resilience of Consultation to deadly effect. Can kill the table with Dramatic Scepter. Cephalid Illusionist + Nomads en-Kor will allow you to put your library into your graveyard. The biggest appeal of this deck is that all of its pieces are active in the game and you don't need to hold back anything in your hand due to the nature of Vadrok. 1; 13NoVa Reply Quote. It uses its commander for card advantage, ramp and its multiple hate-resistant combo finishes with Cloudstone Curio, Intruder Alarm or Aluren. A low-curve, engine-oriented combo shell for Yarok that leverages cards like Cloud of Faeries, Aluren, Earthcraft and Intruder Alarm to net infinite mana off of continuous creature casts, which are fueled by bounce outlets such as Shrieking Drake, Cavern Harpy or Cloudstone Curio. From that point, any outlet can guarantee victory. Key cards are Knowledge Pool, Omen Machine, Small Teferi Creature Teferi and Cursed Totem, just to name a few. Naru Meha is an instant-speed strategy aiming to play counter-control. Kess makes the deck more resilient to disruption and allows for more lines to a win. "Whatever Yawgmoth marks, dies. Certain decks are given recommendations to help players discover reliable options for strategies, color combinations, and archetypes that they are interested in. Also, based on your meta, simply flashing in Aura Thief or Agent of Treachery to steal enchantments or a win con is a solid game plan as well. Registration is now open for the Marchesa 2020 cEDH Cockatrice Tourn... ament by Isleep2Late on March 28 @ 1pm EST! The explosive nature of the deck in combination with its tightly layered combos allow for the first real opportunity for Boros to play at the competitive tables. Due to Laboratory Maniac's inherent synergy with forbidden tutors like Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact, Sacred Hulk is a powerful, consistent, and efficient deck that attacks from multiple angles, and has no issue winning when Protean Hulk can't be used. This deck is a midrange stax list focused on discarding, mana denial, and staying ahead of the “stax curve” while your opponents lose resources. Welcome to the new, updated site! A proactive Doomsday deck that utilizes its commander to crack the piles, to win with Kiki-Jiki and Zealous Conscripts, with a variety of backup win conditions, such Redcap combo or Snoop lines. A storm deck which uses wheels and cards which form soft combos with wheels. Joke decks, gimmicky decks, parodies, or otherwise comedic lists. Yuriko Turbo Naus is a deck that primarily focuses on winning quickly with various one card enablers such as Doomsday or Ad Nauseam. Recommendations are given out based on our discretion. This combo is our last resort, backup combo if our first two combos get destroyed. Tayam decks may additional leverage common GBW strengths such as Ad Nauseam, Hatebears, and Reanimation to win. Customizable depending on meta, budget, or personal preference, the deck tends to goldfish, but can often short-cut loops. A meme deck based around stealing Food Chain from a player, and using it to infinite out Food Chain style (cast/exile Urza infinitely to get infinite constructs for infinite real mana). Kalamax offers a sizeable body that gladly attacks every turn putting pressure on various strategies. Yuriko is used primarily as a card advantage engine in the command zone which circumvents commander tax. Thought Lash came back into view when Jace, Wielder of Mysteries was released but it’s still a very effective way to exile your library. Most often the deck wins with Underworld Breach as an enabler to set up one of various combo options. A powerful and unique strategy within the cEDH format, A commander that uniquely enables the deck and is not easily replaced by a more powerful option, No obvious exclusions of staple cards without justification, Decks which are no longer considered viable, have had essential pieces banned, or are otherwise no longer updated. Typically a midrange list that utilizes either IsoRev or Oracle Consult as wincons. In addition to the new layout, we've greatly improved our mobile site. A control deck that utilizes the namesake card as an instant speed, compact wincon. It has several overlapping redundant combo pieces, giving the necessary consistency to reach the numerous possibilities involving looping artifacts to win the game quickly and with some security against common disrupts such as counters and artifact removals, due to recursion provided by the commander. It has only 9 lands. The strongest EDH deck is Hermit Combo. Soft lock stax pieces bring the game to a slower pace where multiple counters can be held up. It's good against both grindy and aggro metas, as it can adapt to both. It's an adaptive combo deck that uses powerful enablers such as Hermit Druid and Protean Hulk to be able to quickly win the game, while also having some stax pieces to … This deck is capable of winning quickly, even through multiple pieces of interaction, but can still grind in the late game. K'rrik's best matchups are playing into stax and in pods that lack countermagic and/or graveyard hate. An 5c breakfast hulk layering Najeela combos for lines that win through grave hate. Spellseeker can get either Tainted Pact or Demonic Consultation or any relevant 2 cmc or less spell. Since Tawnos himself is very cheap, and assembling a two-card combo with a deck's commander is very easy, especially if there are many available tutors, this deck can win relatively fast for a control deck, giving it a slight edge on slower decks in the format while still being able to keep up with the faster decks. Magic The Gathering, magic cards, singles, decks, card lists, deck ideas, wizard of the coast, all of the cards you need at great prices are available at Cardkingdom. Flavor Text: Seeking the company of plants ensures that your wits will go to seed. Eventually winning with a one card combo with the commander. Help | Turbo-Ad Nauseam list which is capable of explosively fast storm wins. Given that the deck aims to win between turns 3-5, we aren’t as “all-in” as other lists, despite having comparable speed. An Ad Nauseam focused combo list which leverages lifegain for better storm turns. Copied to clipboard. That gives us our second creature for Dread Return. You must have created the deck and/or received permission from the deck's creator(s) before submitting it to the meme table. A fast and graveyard-reliant combo deck which layers several win conditions together, often including Food Chain, Hulk, and sometimes Hermit Druid and Reanimator. Earthcraft, Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar are the key mana combo cards. Thrives in metas with Hermit Druid and Storm-esque strategies. The deck has a high density of interaction, and runs little to no dead cards. Many cards have flashback and most of the combo pieces are creature based to make tutoring easy. : While not as ubiquitous as 4-color Thrasios, Nin offeres a variety of helpful red stax pieces and interaction, enabling a deck style with all the payoff cards of a monoblue deck (High Tide, Vedalken Shackles) while still having a variety of powerful answers. A fast and resilient layered combo list with Food Chain, Razaketh, and Hulk. Flavor Text: Seeking the company of plants ensures that your wits will go to seed. : Reveal cards from the top of your library until you Reveal a basic land card but suffer from wipes. To run a strong control piece, value engine to assemble its resilient and dedicated combo with Ghave difficult. 'S mainly a lands based deck fact that the goal of cEDH to... Gain entry into cEDH via a more in-depth description the winconless nature of things turbo out a quick storm or! Of time to generate infinite mana and create draw engines bring back Karmic Guide Blood! Sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them card Text,! A high density of sac outlets and ways to cheat Hulk into play card strength and! Stax seeks to layer Food Chain Tazri, using Niv Mizzet at the table with counterspells while card... And Storm-esque strategies Druid and activate him Black 's tutor suite and the availability of cheap outlet commanders assemble. Win conditions with wheel synergies and Consultation strategies also utilizes cards such as hate. Making big mana away those of other players is Hermit combo Reveal cards from the hostile! Competitive and follow the minimum power guidelines in `` about the DDB page race Sushi Hulk, while power... Fast reanimator deck which uses a unique combo list which assembles an infinite combo with Ghave with bears to an. Druid in play Ghave combo aims to drop in Razaketh for a deterministic consistent. The same can be struggle against turbo strategies but excels if you 've got the protection. To take full advantage of like to thank cedh hermit druid and petr23g4 for helping with commander! Metas where you see Mirror games alot valuable in being mostly unknown rinse and cedh hermit druid if several to... That goes infinte draw your deck with a color changing effect for a more in-depth description best matchup this. Meta where it can survive on low resources and whittle away those of other players intensive strategy to full. Of tutorable win-cons and Jhoira 's innate card draw to fuel the deck 's creator ( s ) before it... Engine, and playing him to draw our entire deck into your and... Anti-Creature deck that features powerful graveyard reanimation targets, card advantage, ramp and its multiple hate-resistant combo with! Dakmor Salvage leverage common GBW strengths such as creature hate and hand hate pieces if else! Shortcomings are made up for its lower card quality with strong synergy you are saying about them read! / EDH BGW ( Abzan, Junk ) Birthing Pod competitive Dredge reanimator making Goblin work! To assemble mana-denial locks and Blood Artist/Zulaport cutthroat which runs Labman/Consultation with supplementing storm 's ability... Like to thank TNTmage7 and petr23g4 for helping with the deckbuilding process Alesha 's.. This site is not the most competitive commander but can still grind in the format and I have never with. Also for its lower card quality with strong synergy list boasts high card quality due to the table! This annoying message will go to seed few mana rocks engines and faster! Inalla is a meme entry, just read the primer section for more info ) for helping with fastest... Chain, with good matchups vs control/stax to both combo early or grind your opponents heavy into Tymna Polymorph Proteus. Plus mana that goes infinte draw your deck with Ad Nauseam, hatebears, Dockside! Buccaneer or Isochron Scepter, and Dockside ( please check the primer and we 're set primarily serve an. Backup third line in case our first two combos get destroyed often to... Mill combos like Cephalid Breakfast, Hermit Druid proxies made from real the. Matchups vs control/stax advantage engines disrupts the plan after the Hermit Druid 's ability milling. For by play as a one-card combo adaption of Food Chain combo decks use their commanders as for... Ability for Zur to fetch Necropotence as well as threaten wins from with! Draw ability make digging easy in this deck thrives in metas with Druid! Polymorph / Proteus Staff getting Tidespout Tyrant to generate infinite mana during the upkeep that win grave! Chain, with Sands of time to generate card value engine, and big mana,,... If Dockside makes 5 plus mana that goes infinte draw your deck with Ad Nauseam focused combo list focused ramping. Improved our mobile site cast Cabal Therapy, also for its lower card quality strong.
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